Enrollment Management, a unit of Academic Affairs, is responsible for developing and managing the university‚Äôs strategic undergraduate enrollment plan. 

The seven departments in Enrollment Management lead with an overall mission to support the university in meeting enrollment and graduation targets and providing students with high-touch enrollment and academic support services. 

Enrollment Management embraces data-driven decision-making and process improvement to strategically support and enhance the full student lifecycle from recruitment through graduation.

Enrollment Management is committed to recruiting and graduating a student body that reflects the diversity of our community and increases access to students historically underserved in higher education. Enrollment Management and the seven supporting departments believe that diversity in the student body strengthens the educational experience and that diversity among the staff is essential to our success in supporting students from all cultural, educational and economic backgrounds.  



Adult Students & Extended Services  704-687-5104
Enrollment Programs & Communications  704-687-5924
Enrollment Management 704-687-7019
Financial Aid  704-687-5504 
Niner Central Student Services  704-687-UNCC
Registrar 704-687-5505
Scholarship Office 704-687-5871 
Undergraduate Admissions  704-687-5507



Enrollment Questions 

The seven offices within Enrollment Management are happy to answer any specific questions you may have. 


Please visit our list of commonly requested services to easily link to the information that will assist you in all enrollment processes.

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The main phone number for each office is available above. Contact information for specific team members is available through our staff listings.